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The Woodchuck Rhythm app is free, currently available for iPad. Part puzzle, part drum machine, part game, it is a light hearted look at how ways to look for patterns in rhythm reading, (as well as saving a few aliens).


It recently reached 100,000 downloads!   Find out more at:


Woodchuck-Rhythm Website

Play-my-note is a mobile app available for all Android and iOS devices.

It allows the user to play counds directly from  a "score-like" screen. For anyone who wants an app in their pocket to find notes on a score, without needing a year of piano lessons... this app is like a pocket piano with no piano knowledge needed.


See it in action on youtube, or check out the website:


Play-my-note website Basic intro Mozart Ave Verum Debussy Chansons play-my-note Woodchuck

Anyone can learn to Sight-Sing!


With structured tunes arranged in chapters, this app guides you through the process of learning to sight-sing in any key or clef.  Because the app can play your notes, you can work through the excercies with or without a teacher.


Available for iPad and Kindle

(iPhone/Android version  coming soon!)


SightSing152x152 copy Sight-Sing website Sight-Sing in iTunes