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Marion was appointed Director of Music at the University of Exeter in 2006, where she worked until 2013. She designed their music scholarship programme from scratch, making every effort to encourage musicians from all musical genres, and actively encouraged and mentored student conductors. Open lectures linked to the Scholarship programme covered the aesthetics, sociology and psycho-acoustics of music, and explored specifically how changing the way we think about music can have a big impact on listening, learning and performing.


Pursuing these strands, in 2012 Marion undertook a Masters in Psychology Research Methods, and designed a research project to explore issues of sight-reading and notation. Results are reported formally in the papers below.

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From the proceedings of ICMPC 2016

From the proceedings of TENOR 2016

Since 2014 Marion has been teaching Angewandte Musik Psychologie (Applied Music Psychology) at the Musikhochschule in  Münster. This is a practical, student-centered course that brings the recent research and advances in Music Psychology within the reach of students studying performance at conservatoire level.  


The course is taught from an overview perspective that aims to fire students curiosity and then follow their specific interests in more detail.

AMP Reading Pitches at the Piano: Disentangling the Difficulties Muenster Teaching Research